Three Ways You Should Be Using Influencers, But Probably Aren’t

In recent years, the emphasis in social and digital marketing has been on paid media. By and large, brands are concerned with determining the budgets necessary to meet their goals and hit their KPIs. In 2013, I predict that we’ll see a shift toward earned media as the more likeable brands continue to look for […]

Drew Neisser: 10 rules of Influencer Marketing – and why you should commit to them

By Drew Neisser. Though perhaps as old as the notion of marriage itself, influencer marketing is suddenly getting showered with fresh attention from brands, agencies, and service providers alike. Having talked to authorities from all three in preparation for this piece (and an upcoming panel discussion on the topic), I can offer you these 10 laws (more […]

CC Chapman: Is Your Influencer Marketing Failing Because It Is One Sided?

At Social Fresh West I spoke on the topic of how to successfully run influencer and advocate programs. It is a topic I know a lot about from years of running them for clients in my agency daysand from taking part in them from the other side of the coin quite often. While you have to attend a […]

Teri Conrad: Ambassador Programs & The Influencer Marketing Conundrum

As an Ambassador both formally and informally with a number of different organizations/companies and individuals I have come to a few conclusions about the best way to harness Influencer Marketing. A couple of thoughts: For Inman the program works fairly well and there are a couple of reasons. 1. The Ambassadors are respected professionals within the […]

Danny Brown: The Business of Influence

Since announcing our book at the tail end of last year, both Sam and myself have been asked why write a book on influence marketing. Additionally, some people have said they’re looking forward to the book because “it will put social scoring [Klout] in its place” (paraphrased). The answers to both points are simple. For the first question, while […]

Rebecca Mahony: Six Key Steps to Freshening Up Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

Jason Keath, a social media speaker and consultant, first bought the domain name SocialFresh.comin 2008, as he began to plan the first Social Fresh Conference in Charlotte NC. Originally, he wanted to Fresh Social, but the name was taken. In retrospect, he thinks that was probably a good thing. Jason began in the agency world as a creative person […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“In the race toward Influencers with big audience numbers, we forget that there often is a disconnect between an Influencer’s ability to distribute content widely because of large number of followers, and her or his ability to drive results for a company. While audience size matters, it doesn’t matter as much as authority.” – Patrick […]

Jacques Warren: Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept

Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept Following my review of two important books in Social Media analytics in the first issue, I wanted to take more time to discuss the concept of influencer, one idea that certainly is at the center of Social Media Marketing. Why? Well, simply because marketers believe they can reap benefits through […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“To truly mature the social influence – and, by association, the influencer – market, we need to remember how many aspects there were to Dale Carnegie’s seminal book and how they all had to be aligned to work their magic.” – Danny Brown (@DannyBrown), Social Influence and the Shift of the Carnegie Principle “Why not […]

Influencer Marketing Quotes of the Week

“Don’t rush the observation step. Take time to understand the influencer. Rushing will usually result in missing the important subtle things that are most important! This can take a week or a month, depending on the person. Take your time…” – Robert Caruso (@fondalo), Building Social Media Relationships With Influencers “I see a lot of […]