Krista Bunskoek: Influence Marketing: How to Find Your Industry Leaders

Though this only covers the increasingly fashionable space of ‘social influencers’ if that’s what you want then this does have some useful pointers. Krista Bunskoek of Wishpond: Do you know how to use Influence Marketing to drive traffic to your blog, and increase your social ranking? Do you even know how to find your market […]

Phil Davis: Influencer Identification Isn’t Just for Tools

Influencer identification is a detailed process and one that shouldn’t be rushed if you’re expecting good results. There’s much more to it than simply finding an online tool that promises everything (I’ll get to that later), plugging in some keywords and exporting the list. While those are steps in the process, what is often overlooked […]

Nick Hayes: How has Influencer Marketing been hijacked by Social Media Vendors? – and how can it get back its link to Sales?

How did this happen? When we started our company in the field of Influencer Marketing our intention was to identify the real-world sales influencers – whether they made a noise about it or not. We wanted to better understand how sales were being made – and better understand what was standing in the way when […]

John Owrid: The world of social media relies on self-importance as establishment recognition grows.

The one thing that social networks either don’t measure or don’t publish is obviously their sense of self-importance. Yet if such a metric existed it might tell us far more about the world of social media than we get from other published data. If that sounds like a snipe it isn’t intended to be. The […]

Jenna Dobkin: 4 Steps to Executing a Successful Influencer-Driven, Word-Of-Mouth Campaign

By Jenna Dobkin. Influencer marketing — leveraging relationships with advocates and influencers to help share your brand’s message — is poised for explosive growth. Are you ready? A Zuberance survey of consumers’ online behavior found that 90 percent trust a recommendation from the people they know while just 24 percent trust online ads. Plus, influencer […]

CC Chapman: Is Your Influencer Marketing Failing Because It Is One Sided?

At Social Fresh West I spoke on the topic of how to successfully run influencer and advocate programs. It is a topic I know a lot about from years of running them for clients in my agency daysand from taking part in them from the other side of the coin quite often. While you have to attend a […]

Nick Hayes: Everyone uses Twitter for Marketing … but is anyone even claiming it helps Sales?

Recently we read a blog advocating the use of Twitter for small businesses. It said, “Is money the only gauge of your business’s success? Think about the value you can add to your brand by maintaining a rapport with your audience (increasing your brand awareness). Consider the use of Twitter as an exercise in public relations […]

Nick Hayes: The Hype To Uncover Social Media Influencers – should you care?

This is the second of three instalments of Nick Hayes’ White Paper – ‘The Hype To Uncover Social Media Influencers – should you care?’ Influence has to generate an effect – otherwise the initial action wasn’t influential! So what ‘effect’ do social media influence measurement companies purport to measure? These companies tend to have no […]

Zachary Reiss Davis: Penny Arcade’s Influence on Tech products vs. Forrester Research

Your perpetually-connected customers are seeking information from a much broader range of sources than ever before. If you just work with the same traditional influencers you have for years — industry analysts and mainstream media — your message risks getting lost in a sea of noise.  Instead, leading marketers are identifying key online influencers for their products […]

Chuck Kent: Why Citizen Kane Would Never Make It As A Citizen Influencer

Citizen +K: The Rise of Social Influence A review of ROI: Return on Influence, by Mark W. Schaefer Orson Welles’ classic movie Citizen Kane tells of a once neglected and discarded child who grows to great influence as a king of content, but who fails to find lasting happiness.  Reading Mark Schaefer’s description of Citizen Influencers in his book ROI: Return […]